• Name: Hiné [hee-neh]
    Last name: Mizushima
    Nationality: Japanese
    Location: Vancouver, Canada
    Occupation: Illustrator / Needle-felter / Slow Crafter / Puppet Stop-Motion Animation Video Artist
  • Biography:

    Hiné Mizushima, who was born and raised in Japan, majored in Japanese traditional painting before working as a designer and Illustrator in Tokyo. She later moved to Rome, then Paris, and then NYC. Nine years ago she left New York for Vancouver, Canada where she lives with her family. She is currently also a slow crafter, needlefelter, and stop-motion puppet animation video artist. She has recently been commissioned for a number of commercial music videos, including several for They Might Be Giants, were released on DVDs. Her Illustrations are mainly paper cutout and digital. Her felt sculptures have been exhibited in galleries in NYC, LA, SF, Tokyo, Osaka and other cities, and are published as books and magazines as well. She sells her felt creations and prints on her Etsy handmade shop, and goods on her Society6 shop as well.

    水島ひね 神奈川生まれ。美術大学で日本画を専攻ののち、東京でイラストレーター/デザイナーとして勤務後、ローマ、パリ、NYに移り住み、9年前からカナダのバンクーバー在住。
    スロークラフター、ニードルフェルター、イラストレーター、パペットコマ撮りアニメーションアーティスト。7年前より、NYのロックバンドThey Might Be Giantsのコマ撮りアニメPV他6本製作、DVDに収録。NY、Seattle、San Francisco、Los Angeles、東京、大阪などのギャラリーでニードルフェルト作品を展示・販売。作品は欧米のクラフト/アートブック、絵本、雑誌などにも掲載。オンラインハンドメイドマーケットのEtsyショップではフェルト作品やプリントを、Society6ショップではグッズと大判プリントも販売中。
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